7 Experiences To Have In The Palm Beaches, Florida

I just returned from a quick 4 day trip to the Palm Beaches in Florida and it was packed with incredible things to do. I honestly had not done much research prior to visiting but I had heard a lot of great things so I knew I was in for something special. The area is so beautiful that I feel like I photographed every inch of every place I went to. I came home with over 2,000 photos and I cannot get over how much I love the area.

I put together my favorites from my trip to share with you that I think really stood out and made the trip extra special.

Visit Flagler Museum 

The Flager Museum is one of my favorite things to do in the Palm Beaches. I am obsessed with architecture and interior design and Flagler brings it all and more. The museum actually used to be a home, Whitehall. Henry Flagler bought it for his third wife as a wedding gift and it only took 18 months to build .. and it is comprised of 75 rooms. Can you even imagine having something with such a gorgeous grandeur built that fast? Every room is different and designed in the Beaux-Arts style. You can expect to find large amounts of marble, rich colors, murals on the ceilings, and Henry Flagler’s train car on property.

I don’t want to give away anymore but there is a great story of how it came to be and why Flagler had his own train car.


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum


Flagler Museum

Breakfast or brunch at Circle at The Breakers Resort 

The only thing I wish that had gone different at The Breakers Resort was me staying there for more than a meal. Not only is the food incredible and a must visit – but the hotel is absolutely beautiful! Just walking around the property was so special. I loved seeing all the light leaking in through the glass windows and the decor is top notch. I will definitely be returning for a stay.


As for the food – I have made it no secret that I judge restaurants on how well they poach eggs and Circle does it quite perfectly laid over the hash I ordered. I also ordered their homemade granola and yogurt and it was so good AND the presentation is beautiful.


Breakfast at Breakers Resort


Breakfast at Breakers Resort

Catch a sunset AND a sunrise 

If you know me .. you know this is a priority when I travel. I like to see the sun and all its glory. I was really fortunate to see an incredible sunset and sunrise at the Marriott on Singer Island when I stayed there.


Sunrise at the Marriott Singer Island


Sunset at the Marriott Singer Island

Try local beer

I did a brewery tour and tasting at Twisted Trunk Brewing and learned so much about brewing from the owner, Fran. On our tour of the brewery he let me see how the beer is made and let me taste some of the different barley’s they use to make beers. I tried a beer that they make that I loved and think is perfect for summer called: Watermelon Saison! It may sound strange but I promise it was delicious. The watermelon did not overpower and it was subtle.


Twisted Trunk Brewing

Tour Palm Beach 

Easily the most beautiful city I have seen. Every corner is brimming with gorgeous architecture, beach coastlines, high-end and boutique shops, and friendly faces. I took a tour with Leslie from Island Living Tour and she is so incredibly knowledgeable about the area – she lives there and she is very excited about sharing it.


Palm Beach


Palm Beach


Palm Beach


Palm Beach


Palm Beach


Palm Beach


Palm Beach

Spa day at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa 

Eau boy was this an experience! Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa is such a marvelous property! I was only on site for an afternoon for lunch and a massage but I could certainly see myself staying for a weekend .. or two! Before I went to the spa I explored the property a little bit and had lunch on site at Breeze Ocean Kitchen. The food is so fresh and so delicious. I cannot stop talking about the ceviche they have made with passion fruit. It is the best I have ever had – so make sure and get this when you visit!


Breeze Ocean Kitchen


Breeze Ocean Kitchen


Breeze Ocean Kitchen

As for the Eau Spa – what an incredible experience. This is only the second time I have left my phone behind (which I always should, I know) to get the real spa experience. Prior to my treatment I enjoyed the whirlpool and sauna and just relaxed. No talking, no thinking about the things I needed to do – just me time. Eau Palm makes this easy with the ambiance of the spa. I should also mention they have champagne and cupcakes – they definitely know what they are doing!

My massage was perfect! I did a 60 minute Swedish massage and was able to select my oils, sounds in the room AND color – if that isn’t personalized, I don’t know what is! After your treatment you can retreat to the lounge, the whirlpool and steam rooms or there is an outdoor relaxing area that is truly a peaceful area.

Eau Palm Beach Spa Rainforest

Eau Spa – image provided by Eau Spa


Eau Spa – image provided by Eau Spa


Eau Spa – image provided by Eau Spa


Eau Spa – image provided by Eau Spa


Eat ALL the food 

I cannot rave enough about how AMAZING the food is here. Everything is so fresh, so original and overall everything I ate was sensational! Typically when I travel I seek out food that is different from where I live or things that are special to the area. As it turns out – a lot of the area is farm to table and uses the freshest ingredients.




Crab Stack Deck 84


Deck 84


Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen

Read More: Foodies Guide to the Palm Beaches


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*Disclaimer: I was hosted by the Palm Beaches Tourism Board, but as always – opinions are entirely my own. 

2 thoughts on “7 Experiences To Have In The Palm Beaches, Florida

  1. The Flagler Museum looks special Nicki. Actually the Palm Beaches in general look awesome. Tropical feel and some fascinating history in the good old USA. Also curious to learn about the train car story 😉 Super post!



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