13 Ways To Enjoy Phoenix During The Summer

Let’s be honest – the summer months in Phoenix are hot! There is no way for me to sugar coat this fact, and even if I tried – the sugar would melt. But don’t let those warmer temps stop you from visiting Phoenix during the summer. I just spent four days in the greater Phoenix area exploring more of the area and although the temps were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit everyday, I still had the best time.

Here are 13 ways YOU can enjoy Phoenix during the summer months!

Hotels are cheap!

That is right, it is an off season for Phoenix, thus making the lodging cheaper to entice visitors to come visit. This is the perfect time to score luxury digs at a fraction of the cost AND it is not crowded. Make sure and get a hotel with a pool and get that poolside cabana so you can switch back and forth.

I loved my stay at the Wigwam Resort located just outside of Phoenix. I used the adults only pool for the day and got a cabana that came with bottled water, a fresh fruit plate AND chips and salsa!

What I loved about the hotel was the sprawling grounds, lush greenery and cacti, golf course, multiple pools, and the food!


Wigwam Resort


Wigwam Resort


Wigwam Resort


Wigwam Resort

Get a triple scoop sorbet at Sweet Republic

Sorbet is nice and light and I love the fruit. I opted for a 3 scoop cone with flavors of watermelon, coconut and strawberry! It was delicious and definitely cooled me off from the Phoenix heat. Sweet Republic offers a plethora of flavors to service all tastes.


Take in a sunset

It can still be very warm at night but the sun is not shining on you any longer and the temps start to cool down. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen radiate in the Phoenix area. I don’t know why, but the sky is generally lit up in amazing colors when the sun goes down.


Desert Botanical Garden

36439469_10160641495620083_7760840131019276288_n (1)

Wigwam Resort

36448155_10160641495580083_5897414367162400768_n (1)

Wigwam Resort

Visit the Botanical Garden at 7:00am

I know, you are on vacation and you want to sleep. However, between 5-9:00 am the weather is incredibly nice and the heat hasn’t reached its high for the day. This is a fantastic time to explore the Botanical Garden and not worry about it being 110 degrees. When I went recently it was only about 75 degrees – the high that day ended around 110. 35 degrees in difference can make a huge difference when you are outside in the sun for 1-3 hours.


Desert Botanical Garden


Desert Botanical Garden


Desert Botanical Garden

Visit Found: Re Hotel For the art

I recently had the opportunity to visit the FOUND:RE Hotel and explore the art. What is interesting is that the pieces do change AND they are all for sale! I spent about 1.5 hours inside viewing all the pieces the curator hand selected for the hotel and it was a nice break from being outside.


Found: Re


Found: Re


Found: Re

Aperol Spritz when the sun goes down

Would it even be summer if there wasn’t an Aperol Spritz? I love how light and refreshing this drink is and it was perfect as the sun went down. I enjoyed this Aperol Spritz poolside at The Scott Resort and Spa!


Aperol Spritz

Get a convertible

That probably sounds like a bad idea (and it can be) but hear me out. Only take the top down very early in the morning when the weather is still really nice or after the sun goes down. Once you get out of the “heat of the day” hours – its not bad at all.


Visit Usery Mountain Regional Park

You can drive through here for the most part, so time of day is not really an issue. This is a great place to see the gorgeous desert landscape. One of the things I learned from the Park Ranger was that nothing is touched in the desert – it is all left natural to its elements. Usery Mountain Regional Park is a gorgeous desert landscape with plenty of photo opportunities.


Usery Mountain Regional Park


Usery Mountain Regional Park


Usery Mountain Regional Park


Usery Mountain Regional Park

Hot air balloon during sunrise

The sun rises around 5:20 am and the heat doesn’t really start to get hot until after 9:00 – this is plenty of time to enjoy the city from new heights. For those who are afraid of heights – I was too! I was so surprised by how calm it is when you are up in the air – literally floating. It is a peaceful experience.


Sunrise hot air ballooning


Sunrise hot air ballooning


Sunrise hot air ballooning

Have a spa day!

I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the indoors. Whether you go all in for a full day at the spa or just a massage, its going to be the most relaxing time you have with yourself. I recommend a massage at the Phoenician Spa for 50 minutes called “Aroma Design” where you get to design the exact aroma that would be used on you during the treatment. After the spa, enjoy a nice lunch on the rooftop with the pool. It’s the perfect little afternoon.


Phoenician Spa


Phoenician Spa


Phoenician Spa lunch on the rooftop pool

Visit the Heard Museum

This was one of the most fascinating museums I have ever been to. Offering 11 exhibit galleries and home to American Indian Art, the Heard Museum is both inside and outside. They do offer tours (check times) but I prefer to take art in my own way by walking through, reading, and looking at the art to get my own feel for the artist.

I don’t like to overshare content from museums because I think you should visit the museum yourself to truly understand the artist and the pieces they have on display .. but, there was one piece that really stood out to me called “Indigenous Evolution” and it is a large scale fence of the evolution of how fences have been made.


Heard Museum


Heard Museum

Olive Oil Tasting and OliveSpa Tour at Queen Creek Olive Mill

Make sure and take a tour and tasting at Queen Creek Olive Mill. They actually have an olive farm here on site and harvest them to make olive oil and all kinds of other products. While I was there I walked around their shop to see all the amazing things they make with olive oil like soaps, shaving cream, candles, fun foods, and different types of flavored oils. I also did an olive oil tasting of a variety of flavors. Don’t miss the banana bread!!


Queen Creek Olive Mill


Queen Creek Olive Mill


Queen Creek Olive Mill


Queen Creek Olive Mill

Take in a sunrise 

But not just any sunrise .. one with coffee and a side of Camelback Mountain!


Camelback Mountain


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Phoenix Summer

Disclaimer: I was hosted by the Phoenix and Mesa Tourism Board, but as always, opinions are entirely my own. 



4 thoughts on “13 Ways To Enjoy Phoenix During The Summer

  1. Oh yes; does this place ever get hot during summer months. I am heading right for the ice cream cones. My cousin lived in Maricopa for a decade. He noted routine 120 degree days during peak summer months, and eventually had to hit the road because they could not do anything once summer came on, full strength.


  2. Wow thanks for giving us ways to enjoy the summer. When summer strikes in , i just wanna hibernate to a colder place but with your post, it gives me reason to stay and explore some more in Phoenix. I love your photos, too.


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