About Me

Hello, and welcome to my slice of paradise ❤


My name is Nicki – I am 34 years old, Irish & Scottish, Bacon Lover, whiskey drinker and Netflix Marathoner… and I have an incurable wanderlust. After studying criminology and law, I went on to get my MBA because I love business. I run my blog and social media channels full-time as well as travel about part-time. Most of my travels are solo – but on occasion I travel with people.

From a young age I was fiercely passionate about seeing the world and meeting people from all walks of life. At the ripe age of 18 I started taking seasonal jobs around the United States and traveling to 48 of the 50 states. Fast forward to today – I have one state left to visit .. hint: It is cold and located next to Canada.

A mostly solo traveler focusing on Luxury travel, food and photography for the last 10-11 years of my life in my travels. I love experiencing the best hotels in the world in different destinations while eating the local flare. I like to share my experiences traveling and eating around the globe on my social media channels and here on my blog. If you want to work together you can find more information –> here.

I have been fortunate to travel around the globe visiting 34 countries, 49 US states, 10 cruises, and countless airlines. I could retire today from traveling and still have enough to write about for the rest of my life because I have barely touched the surface – but I want to continue showing people the world through my lens and inspiring them through vivid imagery to travel themselves.

How did I end up in this industry? By accident if I am being honest. I was working on my MBA and started a blog just to write about my travels and put pictures somewhere so that when people asked I could just direct them there. From the time I went to Hawaii in November of 2015 – I traveled almost entirely full-time until March of 2017 circling 3 continents. Once I finished my masters degree I decided to get a career at home and keep this part-time – but this is still full-time and I love it. Then I went back into this full-tie because I could not juggle a full-time career, a full-time blog and traveling part-time.

One of the most asked questions I get is: What is your favorite country?

It was Turkey – and Turkey was the top for about 7 years until I met Iceland. Iceland is a different kind of magical – one that I will never be able to put into words, but it gave me the butterflies and chills in a good way. I have this deep love affair with Iceland. If you are planning to visit Iceland, these are my best tips.


Glacier Lagoon


Northern Lights – Vik, Iceland


I spent a lot of time exploring North America in 2017 – with the exception of traveling solo to Marrakech, Morocco! If you happen to see me say hi! I love meeting new people and that is one of the reasons I love to travel. Some of the places I explored are: the Minnesota State FairArizona – both Scottsdale & SedonaLas Vegas, Washington, D.C., checking out hotels in Northern Virginia where I am from, Orlando – for both luxury hotels and theme parks, spending a nice week on Oahu, eating, exploring and staying at one of the oldest properties, the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival in New Mexico, went back to Arizona to explore Phoenix more, New Orleans, Marrakech, and many more.

For 2018 I have big plans .. and you can check them out –> HERE! If we run into each other, please say hi and let me buy you a drink 🙂


-Nicki ❤