Consulting & Social Media Services

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My sessions are not limited to travelers. My concepts apply to any type of blogger/social media influencer.

As a blogger and social media user, starting my business I had no help from anyone. I am a one woman show- from traveling, blogging, posting on social media channels, web design, graphic design, emails, meetings, photography, engaging my community, being savvy at business, etc – I had to learn it all by myself. I grew my company in just a few short months to allow me to travel the world full-time. No one helped me and I did not take any courses – it was a lot of trial and error, and error, and error.

Let me help you take the trial and error out of the way and get right down to business so you can become a social media rock star and blogging guru and achieve your dreams.

No matter if you are a business or a budding entrepreneur – I can help you take your business to the next level.

After I finished my MBA, I was able to focus on my business and really make it profitable. You don’t need an MBA to make money but I can show you how to streamline your business and create multiple revenues of income.

Consulting sessions I offer:

  • 30/60/90 minute phone call or Skype 1 time session
  • Monthly consulting – 10 1 hour phone or skype sessions – based on a per month basis
  • Weekly email exchange consulting – up to 3 exchanges per week
  • Monthly Email exchange – up to 15 exchanges per month
  • Platinum Package: 2 weekly calls per month and up to 5 email exchanges per week – based on a per month basis

Consulting Sessions Offered:

  • Monetizing Instagram
    • This is a 60 minute session where I teach you how to monetize your Instagram account. Whether you are just looking for extra income or want to transition into a “work from home” position – this course is designed just for that. Let’s turn your photos into profits.
  • Twitter 101
    • How to drive traffic through Twitter, make money & land sponsorship’s.
  • Trip planning
    • Looking to go on a trip? I can help you plan the perfect trip: solo, couples, friends, and family trip planning available.
  • Kicking the 9-5 and becoming your own boss
    • This is exactly what I did with my life and was extremely successful. Being invited on a press trip doesn’t necessarily pay the bills or afford you the luxury to keep traveling – let’s make a business plan and get you paid.
  • Business 101: who, what, when, where, and how
    • Starting a business is easy – making it flourish is another story entirely.
  • Pinterest 101
    • We will create engaging content and start driving traffic to your blog.
  • Moving traffic to your website through other social media channels
    • Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram – let’s make you a blog star
  • Creating a media pitch letter
    • This is the primary reason you are getting turned down – I can help you create a flawless pitch.
  • Social media management
  • Working with brands
    • Let’s get you established and find out who your audience is – then we can break down who your brands will be and get you working with them.
  • Creating a media kit
    • Companies and PR firms will almost always ask for this – let’s create one you love and that will stand out from the rest.
  • Landing paid work
    • Some say this is one of the hardest jobs in the industry – I say it is the easiest. There is a difference between having 100,000 followers on Instagram and having any number of followers and being paid. There are many people with 100,000 followers who cannot even turn a profit and people with solid business plans who are making 5-6 figures with half the following.
  • Finding a niche and how to develop your brand
    • It seems everyone is a blogger or social media star – let’s make you stand out from the crowd and develop your brand.

Here is a small sampling of the brands I have worked with around the globe:

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